Beyond Comfort:

Notes from a Psychologist on sabbatical.

About Author/Artists:



Thibault du Chéné is a licensed psychologist specializing in pain management. He holds a master’s degree in counselling psychology from McGill University and has two bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Philosophy from Concordia University. He’s certified in clinical hypnosis and is an approved consultant by The American Society Of Clinical Hypnosis. He spent 10 years studying isolation tanks and its effects on the human body.  For over 15 years, he has maintained a rigorous practice in Zen Buddhism.






Timo Hujala is from Finland and has a degree in Audio-visual communication. Working odd jobs to pay the rent, his true love is drawing and painting. He dove into digital art with his first input tablet. Since then, he has worked on creating brochures for the University of Tampere, graphic design for mobile games, and various illustrations for blogs. His dream is to become a full time illustrator! You can contact him at timo.hujala (AT) Hotmail (DOT) FL