Beyond Comfort:

Notes from a Psychologist on sabbatical.

About blog

This blog is a notebook that will chronicle my six months sabbatical. Less biographical than an exposition of different ideas i am working with. The chances are is that it is going to be quite eclectic with themes like psychotherapy, money, hypnosis, music, parenting, chronic pain, spirituality, generational changes, all mixed in with current events.  

The whole idea of the sabbatical started as vision after spending many months travelling the world in between university degrees. When I started working in 2008 as a psychologist, i had the firm conviction that the reason to work was to work towards sabbaticals. It took me 8 years to work and pay off my first 6 months sabbatical with the added plan, that I will now have them every 2 1/2 years. I jokingly call this idea of having sabbaticals: Preventive Medecine.

So a sabbatical is not a vacation, it is an opportunity to live without having to work for an income. It is a taste of pre-retirement with all the energy of wanting to create new projetcs. It is going to be a busy 6 months, and I want to make the most of it. So here it is, warts and all, my commitment to making this sabbatical a new start.  But make no mistake, the purpose is not gloating, it comes from the pure conviction that living in such a rich society that we can chose to live the life we value. 



  • This blog is by no means to be taken as a substitute to therapy or be taken as therapeutic advice in your own particular life. Working with a psychotherapist can help you personalize what I am talking about in a way that is not possible with this blog. All personal stories will be changed in order for confidentiality to be perserved. Any resemblances are merely coincidental.